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More than half a million turbine blades per year, huge components for gas and steam power plants, manufactured with complex machinery and equipment – Siemens Energy Budapest is a highly efficient high-tech plant. Heavy material and sophisticated manufacturing equipment always means a potential source of danger for employees. Until now, monitoring occupational safety was a tedious task. But those days are over. With an app from 5thIndustry, the Siemens Energy plant has digitized workplace safety. 

It used to be like this: When colleagues from the occupational safety team walked through the plant halls every day, they took a photo of unsafe situations. A ladder without an inspection sticker, a blocked escape route, a tool deposited in the wrong place – anything that seemed to be a problem for the safety of the 650 employees was photographed. Back at their desks, the safety officers loaded the images into their PCs and commented the photos. Then they emailed everything to the person responsible for the respective area of the plant. They also entered the results of their walk-throughs into a database to track the measures taken. 

“It was a time-consuming administrative process that cost the responsible colleagues a lot of time,” says István Éles, Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Siemens Energy Budapest. 

“At the same time, workplace safety is an absolutely essential topic at the plant.” 

All unsafe situations must be identified as quickly as possible and remedied immediately. What’s more, the consistent and rapid recording of potential sources of risk should have the effect of speeding up the response and implementation of measures and steadily increasing safety at the plant. 


Key challenges solved 

The 5thIndustry team implemented an app for the Siemens Energy plant that solved key workplace safety challenges. Accessible on cell phones, tablets and computers via browser, employees and managers always have it with them. The app feeds all data from tours and spontaneous safety checks into the plant’s internal system. Automatically and in real time text formats, photos, videos. The administrative effort is almost zero with the app. Above all, however, the digital tool increases the speed of response in the plant – dangerous situations can be resolved much faster. 

Another plus is greater transparency: Because the app provides real-time data, those with responsibility have access to all information at any time and from anywhere. In addition, tasks and activities can be managed transparently, as on a Kanban board. Users can communicate about this via an integrated chat function. The 5thIndustry motto ‘We are open on principle’ also characterizes the app in Budapest: The new tool is connected to an existing system with which the plant evaluates collected data on occupational safety. 


Talk about positive examples 

Away from the semi-digital and towards the interactive – the workplace safety app from 5thIndustry provides real added value for employees at the Siemens Energy plant in Budapest. “The app has a simple design and is very user-friendly,” says Attila Lakó, Shopfloor Manager Cold Blade Manufacturing. 

“Now that everything is running in real time, there are no more waiting times, we can react immediately to critical situations. What I also like is that positive examples of occupational safety can also be communicated quickly throughout the plant via the app.” 

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During the implementation of the app, 5thIndustry’s experts worked closely with the Occupational Safety team in Budapest. During a visit to the plant, 5thIndustry analyzed the previous processes, tracked down the problems, gathered expectations for a new solution. The team at the plant tested, gave feedback, so things progressed quickly in short cycles. All this despite distance – after the outbreak of the Covid19 crisis, the 5thIndustry employees and the Siemens Energy team cooperated exclusively virtually. That’s what makes working with 5thIndustry’s apps so special: get in quickly, get started easily. 


Continous Improvement 

Even though the app is now in use – it continues to evolve.  “Together with 5i, we are working on improvements and additional deployment options,” says Health and Safety Manager Éles. Shopfloor manager Lakó is convinced, “Every day we use the app, it gets better and better.” Because that’s also what the 5i principle of openness means: because 5thIndustry doesn’t develop software exclusively for one customer, but in a network for all customers, the digital solutions evolve continuously. And the network is large: Collecting, analyzing and communicating occupational safety data plays a crucial role in every plant around the world. For the Siemens Energy plant, this means that the 5thIndustry app is getting better and better with every update. 

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