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We have the solution

With our proven digital assessment, we work with you to formulate a company-specific target state for up-to-date digital working in the factory – including concrete measures and evaluation of benefits.


We don’t come with the ready-made solution, instead we support your team in their independent work.


With our practical knowledge, we start on the shopfloor. Where the work is done.


We use a systematic model based on 16 typical use cases to evaluate digital production.

Best practices

We bring impulses and best practices from diverse industries into the project work.

Your challenges

Stuck in Digitalization

Far too often, digitalization has not yet arrived on the store floor. Paper is increasingly perceived as a burden. Transparency is lacking at crucial points.

Waste of productivity

Employees waste productive time with manual processes, and potential savings remain untapped.


Employees and managers are frustrated with the status quo, but at the same time lack motivation for long IT projects.

Clear goals are missing

There is no clear target state for what digital work should look like in concrete terms. This makes it difficult to derive concrete steps.


We stand for practical digitalization. That’s why we start with an assessment of your status quo: How do you work today? Where is digital working already a reality? Where is the greatest need for action?

Design target state

Anyone with visions should see a doctor?

We don’t think so. Because change needs a clear vision of the destination of your journey. And we develop this with our well-structured approach together with your team.

Identify benefits and set priorities

Digitization is not an objective in itself. That’s why it’s important to quantify the benefits of individual measures and derive priorities from it.

Plan concrete measures

Who does what by when – this must be clearly defined. That’s why we jointly define the concrete next steps and document them in project agreements – ready for implementation.

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