3 Common Digital Transformation Mistakes To Avoid

The era of Digital transformation is upon us. You’re aware of the benefits. You’ve heard it makes shop floors more cost effective, more efficient and safer. It improves quality, employee productivity, OEE (by up to 10%) and directly impacts your bottom line. It can foster innovation and drive sustainability, all while increasing value. You don’t […]

Information security: TISAX assessment completed

Information Security Management System (ISMS) can therefore be checked by the independent expert operational services GmbH & Co. KG in accordance with the catalogue of questions on information security of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA). This marks another milestone in positioning as a leading provider of shop floor-related IT solutions.

Digitalization: Focus on the employee

Success factors for digitization on the shop floor: it is less about technical challenges and more about the conscious involvement of employees in the design of their digital work environment. Cloud technologies and rapid prototyping support successful digital transformation.

Automation in maintenance: Cooperation between 5thIndustry and Wandelbots

5thIndustry paves the way to digitalization in the factory with its 5i. Manufacturing Excellence Cloud. With its No-Code Robotic platform, Wandelbots offers a manufacturer-independent software solution that makes it easier for people to work with industrial robots. Both companies cooperate and combine their solutions in the maintenance area to enable an end-to-end user experience and increase efficiency in maintenance execution.

SAP and cloud for the “last mile” at utilities.

Increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction: Cloud-based applications can be a crucial addition to the existing ERP landscape, taking processes such as asset management, maintenance and repair to a new level. Tobias Weiner (Senior Project Manager at Horváth & Partner AG, Zurich) and Dr. Jan-Marc Lischka (Co-Founder, 5thIndustry GmbH, Berlin) discuss the advantages this offers for energy suppliers in this whitepaper.

5thIndustry receives order from DEGUMA

Cloud-based application 5i.Progress ensures efficient planning, monitoring and control of production processes In addition to planning, monitoring and controlling the production processes, the application optimizes order processing and employee deployment

Interview with Jan-Marc Lischka – Industry 5.0 in the Podcast Digitization works…with Carsten Vossel

Interview with Jan-Marc Lischka – Industry 5.0 in the Podcast Digitization works…with Carsten Vossel In this episode, Carsten Vossel talks to Jan-Marc Lischka, Co-Founder of 5thIndustry and self-titled “child of production”. Lischka studied production engineering and worked in production for a long time in a technologically intensive environment – including as a plant manager. He […]