Let's talk about
the revolution

The fifth industry: a digital ecosystem.

The fifth industry means a new way of working in the factory. People are finally taking center stage and working highly efficiently in a continuously evolving digital environment. Data is always and everywhere dynamically available.

IT systems are designed to be flexible and do not require long implementation. Resilience and adaptability are the factors for technical and organizational efficiency.

Industry 4.0 is dead
Long live the fifth Industry

The fifth industry is a working environment that relieves people of as much work as possible, can be operated intuitively and ensures that they can concentrate optimally on the creative content of their work. People are actively involved in the design of their digital working environment, and its continuous improvement is a natural part of their work.

"People are in the center of the digital work system in the factory."

Robert Harms - CoFounder

Dynamic optimization

The technical design of the fifth industry enables organic further development – new applications, functions and interfaces are created modularly in a dynamic process. Programs and services fit together in a modular fashion and communicate seamlessly.

"Employees are the key players in optimizing their digital working environment."

Jan-Marc Lischka - CoFounder

Speed of innovation

The fifth industry enables trust, personal responsibility, and self-organization. Speed of innovation is the result. Evolutionary development instead of lengthy planning and talking up changes. Employees are the central players in optimizing their digital working environment.