5thIndustry receives order from DEGUMA

Cloud-based application 5i.Progress ensures efficient planning, monitoring and control of production processes

Berlin / Geisa, 21 October 2021 – The software specialists at 5thIndustry GmbH have won another industrial project: The cloud-based application 5i.Progress for production planning and control will be implemented for the mechanical engineering company DEGUMA. In addition to planning, monitoring and controlling production processes, the application optimizes order processing and employee deployment – thus supporting the company’s growth.

DEGUMA-SCHÜTZ GmbH is a family-run, medium-sized mechanical engineering company specializing in the rubber and plastics processing industry. Since 2018, production at DEGUMA has changed from one-off to small batch production and from individual to standardized processes. Due to this, the introduction of an ERP system seemed inevitable for the company. “We took a close look at various providers and their offers. Unfortunately, this raised concerns about paralyzing our processes with such a rigid large system,” says Managing Director Viktoria Schütz. Ultimately, none of the ERP providers met DEGUMA’s requirements. Since 2019, the company, which is managed in the second generation by managing partner Viktoria Schütz and operational manager Daniela Dingfelder, has been undergoing a change in organizational culture: agile, solution-oriented processes, co-determination and personal responsibility instead of control and a top-down mentality. Accordingly, the digital tools used should also fit in with this.

Innovation ecosystem ensures cooperation with 5thIndustry,
As part of this change, the desire for digital optimization of production planning and control naturally remained. Finally, it paid to be present in the Space of the Berlin Machine Room, an innovation ecosystem for medium-sized and family-owned companies, where companies work to drive digital transformation and develop innovative solutions. The software specialists at 5thIndustry GmbH, who are also based there, were able to convince the DEGUMA team with their mobile applications, and so they decided to use the 5i.Progress app in their internal production processes.

Powerful working environment for order planning and
5i.Progress is part of the company’s Manufacturing Excellence Cloud app suite. The application offers a modular operating system for modern digital working in the factory. 5thIndustry consistently relies on the application of cloud technologies. The application provides a powerful working environment for efficient order planning and control, enabling information for employees on the store floor but also quality and order feedback.

Involving the employees
The system is implemented using the “5 Steps to Live-Operations” method, which has already been successfully demonstrated several times. In this process, employees in various roles from both office and manufacturing areas are directly involved in the design of their digital working environment. In agile sprints, employees can contribute their ideas for a specific user environment and test them live on prototypes in a very short time. The result: real ownership and full user acceptance from the first minute.

“The cloud-based application from 5thIndustry enables efficient project implementation and allows us to respond even more flexibly to customer requirements in the future. 5thIndustry involves employees directly in the implementation – for us, this is an important element of our working culture at eye level.”

Daniela Dingfelder, operational manager, Deguma

“We are pleased to be part of an improved production landscape and see ourselves confirmed that our vision of Industry 5.0 – people at the center – can create real added value, especially for medium-sized customers”

5thIndustry Co-Founder Dr. Robert Harms

About 5thIndustry

5thIndustry stands for a new way of working in the factory. The apps in our 5i.Manufacturing Excellence Cloud is designed to be flexible – so collaboration in the factory succeeds in a fully digital and integrated way. Whether in production or support areas such as quality management, maintenance or occupational safety: employees work highly efficiently in an intuitive digital environment. Data is dynamically available anytime and anywhere. This brings transparency and reaction speed to a new level. At last, people are taking centre stage and are actively involved in the design and further development of their digital working environment.